Code of Conduct

The conventions of APSA Connect are, broadly speaking, consonant with those used in similar web sites. Authors are solely responsible for their postings. Anonymous postings are not permitted. The posting of commercial, defamatory, profane, threatening, and illegal materials is prohibited. Copyright provisions must be respected. The principles of APSA's Guide to Professional Ethics, Rights, and Freedoms should be kept in mind. Professional courtesy and common sense should govern the discussion of the ideas and the work of others.


APSA may monitor APSA Connect. As such, APSA, the list editor, or the community administrator will take all appropriate action as outlined under Violations below.


Possible violations of this Code of Conduct or the APSA Connect User Agreement may be reported by users of APSA Connect or identified by APSA staff. In such cases, material will automatically be removed from the site until the matter is resolved. APSA staff shall review the matter and if no violation is evident, the material will be restored. Otherwise APSA will notify the author of the posting about the alleged violation and seek their response.

Determinations made by the APSA staff will be reviewed by the APSA Administrative Committee or other body designated by the APSA Council. If a violation is found and the author agrees to take corrective action deemed appropriate by APSA, the author's use of APSA Connect will continue. If violation is found and the author fails to respond or fails to take corrective action deemed appropriate by APSA, APSA may, at its discretion, terminate the user’s participation in APSA Connect or take other action within the terms of this Code.