The APSA MENA Workshops

The American Political Science Association's MENA Workshop program is a multi-year collaboration with early-career political science faculty from countries in the Arab Middle East and North Africa. Through a series of annual political science workshops, the program extends APSA’s engagement with the international political science community and strengthen efforts to support research networks linking American scholars with their colleagues overseas. The primary goal of APSA's MENA Workshops is to enhance the capacities of political scientists and their resources in the Arab MENA region, while also providing a forum for supporting their ongoing research. For more information about the project's scope and goals, please see "About the Project"

2014 Workshop: Call for Applications

APSA is pleased to announce a call for applications from individuals who would like to participate in a summer workshop series that seeks to ‘explain cross national variations in challenges to old regimes during the early stages of the Arab Spring Movements.” The first one-week workshop will be held in Amman in May, with a follow-up session scheduled to take place in Beirut in September. 

Program information, eligibility requirements, and a web link to the online 2014 Application Form can be found here. Please contact Mr. Andrew Stinson at for any further information. 

APSA International Workshops

In addition to the MENA Workshop program, APSA also administers a program of political science workshops for Africa-based early-career faculty. Since 2008, over 100 scholars from 29 different African universities have participated in APSA's Africa Workshops, as well as 21 US-based scholars. For more information, visit, or contact Andrew Stinson at