Teaching Civic Engagement

APSA is pleased to announce the release of the Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen edited volume compiled by editors Alison Rios Millett McCartney, Elizabeth A. Bennion, and Dick Simpson and with contributions from political scientists leading research on civic engagement within the discipline and related fields. Covering a wide range of critical discussions over 27 chapters, this work is a significant and timely contribution to the study of civic engagement.

Table of Contents
Book Preview (first 38 pages, through Chapter 1)

This website is offered as an additional resource and as an extension of the book. It provides concrete examples of how educators from fields ranging from American government to comparative politics have built methods of teaching active citizenship into their coursework. Visitors will find sample syllabi, examples of class projects, and boilerplates for assessments that correspond to the chapters featured in the edited volume. In addition, lists of references for each section of the volume are provided.

A few notes about the materials posted on this site. These items remain the intellectual property of the authors and should be acknowledged accordingly in future uses. Also, these materials were prepared and utilized by the contributors a while back and since have been edited or updated. Thus, they should be considered examples or templates. Finally, this site is meant to be an evolving resource and will be updated frequently with current sample materials and references. Visitors are encouraged to get in touch with suggestions on how to continue to provide the support necessary to encourage the education of future citizens. We welcome your feedback (communications@apsanet.org)!


Watch the editors discuss why the subject matter of teaching civic engagement is so important. 

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